Loisirs Culturels A L'Etranger

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One On One  A unique teaching Experience!!

This is for a student to get private tutoring  and getting your undivided attention for certain amount of paid hours every day of the week. Each Student has a degree of fluency, but is expected to have a basic knowledge of English.
You, as a teacher, have a key role to play in both aspects of his/her stay with you. This make language learning more personal and enjoyable.

The opportunity to speak English both during the formal lesson period and as a guest in your home results in an unique effectiveness of their course.

For more information or to volunteer
send an Email to the

one on one teacher

Each year several host families will coordinate plans and we get many of the students together for a few activities. Some of these activities have been a trip to the Space center at Cape Kennedy and or Cape Canaveral, Homosassa Springs, Disney World, or a picnic at the beach. Most host families still receive letters and cards from the students they hosted in years past.


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Each year thousands of American families have volunteer to serve as host families, inviting French teenagers into their homes and into  their lives.  The family and the student realize that people from both countries show the same desires, have the same aspirations, widen their viewpoints, and build up a friendly relationship that will last for many years.

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