Loisirs Culturels A L'Etranger

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commonly known as LEC is an educational organization that has a month long summer program to place French exchange students with a host family in the USA. This provides a "slice" of American life for these young scholars. The students range from 13 to 22 years old.  This has been a wonderful experience for over 100 families here in the  central Florida area who hosted LEC students from France. You do not have to speak or know French to host a student, as they have a basic understanding of  English.  

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Visting Mickey

We will have several Students from France that require host families for during July or/ and Aug.

We are looking for Host families in the Central Florida area. If you live in Brooksville, Orlando,  and the Tampa Bay Area, call 407-620-2061,  or EMail the 

Just think what a great experience hosting a LEC student will be for you & your family. 
If your family would like to host a student for about 25 days this summer or would like more information  then please send us an EMail the 


Exchange students  wish to learn more about the USA and one of the best ways to do this is live with an American family.

Tutoring Program.

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